Celtic Whiskies is able to buy large amounts of new make spirit from distillers at wholesale prices, which helps to finance distilleries.

Our company provides private investors with the opportunity of investing in Irish Whiskey by buying casks of newly made spirit and seeking to benefit from the historical highly attractive returns that have been seen in this sector.

Celtic Whiskies offers a full turnkey service where we look after every element of whisky investment for our clients. We wish to develop long term relationships with our clients where the target is to develop a whiskey portfolio which sits alongside their existing investment portfolio.

Rest assured that the savings from the impressive economies of scale that result from our company’s tremendous buying power are passed onto investors.


Irish whiskey is experiencing an unparalleled renaissance, in fact it’s the fastest-growing spirit class in the world, an accolade its held since 1990.

With exports projected to double between 2015 and 2020, and double again by 2030. No other spirit currently holds this promise.

At one time, Irish Whiskey’s held 60% of the world’s spirit market.

With demand already exceeding supply, Irish whiskey makes an exceptional case for investment.

At Celtic Whiskies, our team of experts can offer a friendly and professional service.

Our investment model is both uncomplicated and sustainable. Once you purchase your casks, we place your order with our renowned partner distillery.

The quality of the whiskey produced here is some of the finest in Ireland.

We then allow your casks to mature over the coming years. During this time, they remain securely stored and insured at the distillery.

Then a selection of other exciting exit options are open to our investors, such as Selling your Cask to independent bottlers / Brands or auctioning your whiskey.


Growth in the last
10 years


Number of Distilleries

in operation in Ireland


Export Markets

major growth in emerging markets


After 3, 5, 8 or 10 years of maturation, there are a growing number of proven exits for investors to make a decent potential profiton their casks in the current buoyant market

Casks can be sold through our own vast network of buyers

Private bottling and labelling

Sell to private investors or collectors

Sell through whisky brokers or auction houses

Casks can be sold bulk toother whisky brands in need of stock

Over the last 10 Years Irish whiskey industry has grown rapidly from 3 Distilleries to 28 in operation with many more in the planing stages. The Global demand exceeds production capacity over the next 10 years.

As proof of ownership and authenticity, you will receive a Certificate of Ownership and Provenance.

Our investment model has been carefully developed by a team of experts to be simple and sustainable. It balances security with the potential for above average returns. While our model in Ireland is relatively new, similar models have operated with great success in Scotland for decades. Now it’s our time.

It’s simple, whiskey increases in value as it ages and therefore is an appreciating asset. Once the spirit has been cask matured for at least 3 years and a day, it can be classified as ‘Irish Whiskey’. It’s now a valuable, tradable commodity which can be sold at a considerable profit.

All our casks are 200 Litre and ex-Bourbon to impart superior flavour. Typically, each cask will yield between 350 and 420 standard 70cl bottles, depending on how long you choose to age your whiskey. After maturity, we can offer the possibility to finish your whiskey in a different cask to create a unique taste profile. Your whiskey is 100% single malt Irish whiskey, universally recognised as a premium product.

While it can be sold after 3 years, the longer you hold your cask in Bond, the higher the potential returns. We recommend letting your cask age for at least 5 years. In recent times, record prices have been achieved at auction for rare Irish whiskey. The older the whiskey, the greater the reward.


  • Get in Contact
  • Select your an investment option
  • Complete Application forms
  • Verify Your Identity and Proof of Address
  • Cask ordered from Distillery
  • Certificate of ownership issued of Cask
  • Cask Stored in Bonded Warehouse for agreed Maturation
  • Exit Cask for Bottling or Sale